aphrodisiac Drinks

aphrodisiac Drinks


The aphrodisiac drinks are those drinks because of their composition or traditional culture can stimulate sexual desire.

Most of these drinks reflect more a myth than a reality and very few have been demystified. But today we know that some foods and ingredients have the quality to stimulate the nervous system to help us stay moreawake and increasing our physical capacity.

Many drinks are based on alcohol as a substance able of causing disinhibition (Oport wine, Armagnac), others in the glamor that surrounds such as the case of champagne and others, unless, by some specific components able of activating substances in our body which can help boost sexual vigor (ginseng root). In this section you will find all the drinks for one reason or another are considered aphrodisiac beverages.

aphrodisiac Drinks in alphabetic order.

List of aphrodisiac Drinks: