for coeliacs Drinks

for coeliacs Drinks

For coeliacs

Celiac disease is basically an illness caused by the intolerance some people have to gluten. This product is usually found in proteins of wheat, and, to a lesser degree, in rye, barley and oats.

The number of people who develop this disease is increasing, and it has become a real problem for them to find food and beverages free of gluten. Nevertheless, it is usual to find traces of cereals, and therefore of gluten, in a lot of the things we eat and drinks.

Due to its design and composition, there are a number of drinks that may have traces of gluten: beer, lots of juices and destilled drinks. To meet this growing need for gluten-free beverages, the major beverage producers have begun to develop products that show very low traces of gluten, which makes these drinks suitable for coeliacs.

In this section you will find every drink suitable for coeliacs, both free of gluten beverages and also drinks where the concentration is less than six parts per million, as free gluten beers and juices and shakes made for celiacs.

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