with laxative effect Drinks

with laxative effect Drinks

With laxative effect

By Beverages with laxative effects we understand all those drinks that, due to its compositions, create a gain in the drinker's bowel, which leads to a frequency increase of bowel movements.

Coffee or te, for instance, due to the presence in their composition of stimulating elements such as caffeine, tend to function as mild laxatives. Furthermore, in general, hot drinks tend to active the intestine.

Other kind of drinks that possess laxatives effects are siders. Such is the case, that the large amount of fiber in its composition make this type of fermented beverage one of the most laxative alcoholic drinks.

Something similar could be said about beer. This type of drink shows, in general, a high amount of fiber. Thus, it can favor stools.

We can also find in this section a diverse number of beverages that, due to their different compositions, could have a laxative effect.

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