low calorie Drinks

low calorie Drinks

Low calorie

Low-calorie drinks or diet beverages are those drinks that provide very few calories, from 0.1 to 3 .Usually this low level of calories is obtained replacing table sugar or sucrose by artificial sweeteners. Such drinks are suitable for diabetic and obese people. However, many people who do not have these problems prefer to consume those products and, thus, control the intake of sugarsand calories.

This type of beverages have also experienced significant growth in recent years. Changes on eating and consuming traditions have pushed the succes of this kind of products. Specially in the Western countries, where the worries around illnesses like diabetes and obesity have made society aware of the necessity to pursue a healthy life.

In fact, developed countries have the biggest obesity and diabetes rates. Not by chanche, developed countries have the biggest cosumption number of sugar beverages. In this section, you will find every beverage with a very low percerntage of calories.

low calorie Drinks in alphabetic order.

List of low calorie Drinks: