low sodium Drinks

low sodium Drinks

Low sodium

Low-sodium drinks are especially recommended for those who have problems with high blood pressure or fluid retention, and, consequently, are forced to live with a low-sodium diet.

These beverages are experiencing a significant growth in our society, due to the fact that both hypertension and fluid retention are becoming common diseases. Nowadays, for example, we can find a great variety of low-sodium waters, sodas, juices and musts.

A lot of drinks posses sodium, an essential mineral to keep body liquids balanced. However, in general, we tend to ingest much more sodium than we need. Low-sodium diets allow us to maintain the high blood pressure (hypertension) and fluid retention.

In this section you will find all these drinks with very low levels of sodium and are, therefore, recommended in such particular diets.

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List of low sodium Drinks: