stimulating Drinks

stimulating Drinks


All drinks that stimulate our body are considered stimulant drinks. They could be natural drinks, like coffee and tea, or water-based artificial juices, to which a series of components is added, such as taurine, ginseng and guarana, among others. The purpose of these drinks is to made us stay awake and alert. However, even if it is not reccommended, many people are using them as a companion for alcoholic beverages.

These kind of drinks, which basically create an increase in motor and sensory activity, could be developed both from natural and artificial substances. In general, every plant with caffeine or some of its derivates -tea, mate or guarana- are considered stimulating.

But we also find plants that, without caffeine, are able to stimulate our body. That's the case of romero, which stimulates the nervous and circulatory systems; the peppermint, that also stimulates the nervous system, and the rosa canina, which is rich in vitamin C (50 times more than an orange) and creates energy in our body.

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