Mahou Clásica

Mahou Clásica

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Mahou Clásica
Bebida con alcohol

  • Description: It is very refreshing and has a more bitter taste than the rest but cool at the same time compact.

    Its color makes something very distinct brass and has a foam usually takes more than average.

    It is ideal for palates accustomed to milder flavors and is recommended to accompany it with tapas and other appetizers.
  • Special features: Carbonated
  • Pairing: Salty snacks, Mushrooms

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Comments of Mahou Clásica (1)

  • ancheloti:
    15-04-2012 21:59
    Me gusta beberla si es acompañada de algún aperitivo y bien fría, porque si no la acompaño con algo me resulta un poco amarga, su relación calidad- precio es realmente satisfactoria.

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