Mahou Negra

Mahou Negra

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Mahou Negra
Bebida con alcohol

  • Description: A unique beer can boast its own style. It's kind of lager, low fermentation, sensory characteristics that place it at somewhere between blondes and black special traditional malting intense.

    In the light has a light brown crystalline and bright coppery highlights, from the roasted barley. Unctuous, creamy foam with much persistence, which is marked on the walls of the cup and remember the tone of the coffee.

    Appear on the nose with intense notes of licorice stop coffee, caramel, toast, wood add to the fragrance of hops.

    On the palate its characteristics become even more intense, which is surprisingly delicate balance. Elegant and very fresh, with an acidity that offsets the point of alcohol and make it very tasty.
  • Special features: Carbonated

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