Corralejo Blanco

Corralejo Blanco

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Corralejo Blanco
Bebida con alcohol

  • Description: Corralejo white comes directly from our copper pot in destilaería are aged and bottled. Don Leonardo, founder of Tequila Corralejo Blanco refers to as "The Truth" because it captures the authentic character mafnificamente Blue Weber Agave from which tequila is made ​​all of this house.

    It has a crystalline color and has a gorgeous body in the glass forming legs and tears.

    The aroma, flavor and texture of Corralejo Blanco throws us subtly floral citrus notes and fruity, alcohol is often more intense and penetrating, if odor reveals the purity of tequila.

    As for the taste, feel accomplished the cooked agave palate with some herbal flavors.

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