José Cuervo Platino

José Cuervo Platino

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José Cuervo Platino
Bebida con alcohol For coeliacs

  • Description: Jose Cuervo Platino ™ comes from the secret recipe of the Cuervo family and patented process, Essence of Agave, something that has become one of the best tequilas in the world. ™ This unique process developed by master distillers Cuervo using only the heart tastier (cones) of the best agave plants grown in plantations of blue agave.

    A smooth tequila flavor and exceptional character. Each bottle of Jose Cuervo Platino ™ is handmade.

    It has a shiny silver.

    The aroma of cloves, cinnamon and avocado green.

    The flavor detected strong notes of agave, vanilla and apricot.
  • Special features: For coeliacs
  • Pairing: Lemon, Salt

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