8 out of 10 tequilas that are sold are fake

8 out of 10 tequilas that are sold are fake

8 out of 10 tequilas that are sold are fake

According to the Tequila Regulatory Council of Mexico, the marketing of liquor is controlled by the apocryphal or pirated brands. So much so that eight out of ten bottles sold as tequila in the world do not meet quality standards imposed by the Regulatory Board.

The real Mexican tequila, that complies with all development standards and qualityset by the Mexican Tequila Regulatory Council, is on the ropes. And according to figures released by the magazine "Millennium" during the past two years, sales of adulterated tequila were higher than the $ 520 million. Nothing more, nothing less than 60 million liters of tequila fake from over 400 brands pirates, 300 of which are outside of Mexico.

According to the Control Board the designation of origin mark the agave to makethis drink can only be produced in Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Nayarit and always under the certification standards and quality.

Brands pirates began to be detected with the help of companies, embassies and consulates. Thus the Mexican government is negotiating with the United States, Brazil, China, Korea and Japan in order to detect possible clandestine laboratories and thus shield the denomination of origin.

Consumption of these false or altered tequilas may be harmful to the consumer. Symptoms can range from headache, vertigo and even blackouts throughrespiratory arrest. Stay tuned and if you're going to drink tequila, make sure it is realand authentic Mexican Tequila.

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