At what temperature should wine be served?

At what temperature should wine be served?

At what temperature should wine be served?

Although each wine is different and every broth has its own qualities at their own temperature, there are a number of common guidelines as to the temperature in which it has to be poured. In serving the wine at a inadequate temperature, the perception around their special characteristics will also be changed, which will ruin the percepction of wine. The serving temperature has much a bigger importance that the one that is assumed.

Red Wines
Red wines must be presented at a temperature that goes from 16 to 18 ºC. At this temperature, the wines should retain all their flavour and nuances. Surpassing this temperature, the evaporation of the wine's alcohol will make stronger and less pleasant flavours more noticeable.

White wines
Depending on the type of white wine, serving temperature varies. The sweet white wines are drunk cold, at temperatures around 7 ºC, thus highlighting the fruity and sweet taste of these wines. Young white wines, manzanillas and finos should be served at a temperature between 7 and 10 °C. At higher temperature these wine's alcohol is more noticeable, not allowing the drinker to enjoy its characteristic fruity aromas. Aging white wines are the "hottest" of white wines. Should be consumed between 10 and 12 ªC to perceive the flavour of oak.

Rosé wines
In rosé wines the recommended temperature ranges between 6 and 8 ºC. The higher the temperature the less daintiness, and at lower the temperature, the nuancess will be lost.

To achieve the perfect serving temperature, it has to be done gradually. Wine should never be frozen at once using freezers. In the case of white or rosé wines, it has to be placed in the cooler hours before pouring it, and, for consumption, it has to be stored at optimum temperature in a a bucket of ice.

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