Cards or board drinks games

Cards or board drinks games

Cards or board drinks games

In this new you will find a list of all those card games with which you can have fun while you drink. Find the most popular card or board games.

Card games

1. Aces of Spades

1 deck of cards and 1 player. If you want to get drunk quickly by yourself, Aces of Spades is your card game. Take a deck of cards and shuffle. Place the deck face down. Say, "Ace of Spades" and flip over the top card. If the card is not an ace of spades, then you take a drink. You keep playing and drinking until you get to the ace of spades. You can take as big of a drink as you wish each time.

2. Asshole

1 deck of cards and 4 players. Deal out all the cards. The person to the left of the dealer starts off. At the beginnig you can lay down any card (or cards) with the same face value. The next participant must lay down a card of equal or greater value. They must also use the same amount of cards as the one before.

If the player lays down the same card as the previous player then the next player is skipped and must drink. Also, if you can't play with your cards than you must skip and drink. Cards are cleared if everyone skips or a two is played. Play keeps on going until all the cards have been played.

The first hand is used to determine everyone's rank during the following hands. After the first hand real fun begins. There is a ranking system: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Asshole. Whoever goes out first becomes the new President for the next game, the second person becomes the Vice-President, etc... For the following rounds, anyone who got a higher level than you can tell you to drink whenever they want to.

Special Rules:

The Asshole must always deal and clear the cards. The Asshole must give the President his two best cards. The President gives the Asshole his two worst cards

A President that remains for three consecutive rounds can create special rules, such as the word "card" cannot be used. When the rules are broken then the offender must drink.

3. Across the brigde

1 deck of cards and 2 players. Form a bridge by dealing out ten cards face down in one line. Each player flips one card over at a time, in turns.

If you flip a face card you must drink according to this list: Jack is one, Queen is two, King is three, and Ace is four. A numbered card means that you are fine and you can get to move to the next card.

When you flip a face card, you must put down as many cards as the meaning of the face card. Example: pull a Queen and place two more down, pull an Ace and put four down, etc. You are across when all the cards are flipped over or the deck is done.

4. Beer 99

1 deck of cards and 4 or more players. Each player needs 4 cards. Then the top card must be turned over. Play goes around the circle with each person playing a card, mentally keeping track of the total value of the pile. Special cards: King – it means that you can avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on someone else, usually used near end of game. Four – it is a skip card when you have none to play, can also be used to skip drinking responsibilities. Tens - When in the 90's, this drops the value of pile by 10 when you play it, otherwise its a regular card. Socials occur whenever the total equals a number ending in 9. Special socials on 69 and 71. On a special you must drink twice. Whoever gets hit with 99 must drink 1/2 glass. After you play a card, draw another from the stack. When out of cards, reshuffle those already played.

5. Beer blow

1 deck of cards, 1 empty bottle and 4 or more players. Put a deck of cards on an empty bottle. Each participant blows cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows off the last card has to drink one glass of beer. Variation: If somebody sees an ace among the cards a player blew off then that player has to drink once. So if someone blows down many cards and two aces are visible that person would drink twice.

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