Energy drinks damage the tooth ename

Energy drinks damage the tooth ename

Energy drinks damage the tooth ename

According to a study by the Academy of General Dentistry from USA and published in the journal General Dentistry, excessive consumption of energy drinks is directly related to an irreversible deterioration of the teeth. The cause is the high levels of acidity that such beverages are causing an erosion of tooth enamel.

The alarm has sounded among U.S. dentists after the results of the study is that in recent years there have been a great increase in consumption of these beverages, especially among adolescents. Between 30% and 50% of them consume energy drinks and of them around 60% drink at least one of these beverage a day.

Having examined the acidity levels of 13 isotonic drinks and 9 energy drinks have shown that acidity levels ranging from drinks to another and even among flavors. In order to effectively measure their effect on tooth enamel, the researchers proceeded to submerge human tooth enamel samples in each of the drinks for 15minutes then soak in artificial saliva for two hours. The test was repeated four times a day for five days. The results leave no room for doubt. After five days the damage to the enamel were only verifiable and irreversible addition.

To minimize this damage experts advise decreasing the consumption of such beverages and chewing gum or rinse with water after drinking. It is also recommended not brush their teeth until at least one hour after such a beveragedrink because otherwise, extends acid and increases the erosion.

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  • Werbinho:
    03-05-2012 20:46
    buen articulo, para los que beben bebidas energeticas, yo las consumo cuando en plena epoca de examenes, y esta bien los consejos que se dan, como el masticar chicle o beber agua despues de bebertelo, para disminuir los daños
  • XxRaulsexX:
    23-05-2012 12:03
    Si verdad, porque yo también soy estudiante, y a las 8 para estar mas despejado me tomo uno antes de entrar a las classes
  • FErnando1234:
    10-07-2012 13:24
    Es buen articulo y seguramente dañan más los dientes de lo que dices. Yo las bebo para despertarme antes de un examen y poco más

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