The most alcoholic beverages in the world

The most alcoholic beverages in the world

The most alcoholic beverages in the world

Have you ever wondered which are the most alcoholic drinks?. In this post will try to answer this question. We have prepared a ranking for you.

The first position is for a drink of Bolivian origin that is made with cane sugar. Cocoroco is a beverage with an alcohol content between 93 and 96 degrees.Let that can topple the most experienced drinker. The development of this drink is completely handmade. Is usually mixed with tea to lower graduation.

It closely follows the Everclear, a rum made in USA, made from natural grain the gradation is between 75.5 and 95 degrees. Its use is banned in the United States because of his high rate of alcohol but it is quite popular among students and partygoers. Those who wish to purchase will have to stop by Alberta in Canada.

Another bomb inside a glass bottle is the Poitín, traditional Irish distillate which reaches 92.5 degrees. From 1661 distillation is prohibited and only two distilleries have permission to manufacture.

The Black Absinthe Hapsburg Gold Label  is another beverage with an terribly high graduation, 89.9 degrees. Absinthe is an Irish manufacturing and boasts the highest ranking.

Next we treat a somewhat special vodka. It is known by the name of Voditxka Cannabis and between his components ther are cannabis seeds. The graduation of this curious vodka reaches 80 degrees and although his composition is allowed on the market in the European Union. There will be more than one to which he will be putting the long teeth.

Stroh Rum is another drink with a high degree, 80 degrees. It has a milder variants with a volume of alcohol of 40 to 60 degrees. Its use is widespread in Austria. It is made from molasses from sugar cane, and is added some flavor and spices that complement the flavor and fragance.

With a similar degree found the Devil 's Spring Vodka. Widely used in the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks. Do not drink just because his name is no accident.

The Bacardi 151 rum is another worthy appear in this ranking is that at 75 degrees alcohol is in the top of rums stronger. Bacardi and presents a distilled version of this Caribbean gore. Its most common use is limited to the preparation of cocktails and mixers.

We finish with a 75 degree tequila able to jump the guy fillings local hardest. We speak about Tequila Sierra Silver , the world's strongest tequila. A difference is the version that was exported, it barely reaches 38 degrees, from the original which is sold in Mexico, which reaches 75 degrees. For machos, as would anyone.

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