Dairy Drinks

Soft Drinks - Dairy


Dairy beverages, made of course with dairy products, have milk as their main ingredient. As it has happened with other types of drinks, dairies have gone throught a great deal of changes and through a profound revolution.

In the 80's, there were no more than four brands of milk-shakes, and the arrival of the liquid yoghurt was yet far away in time. However, in just 20 years, the main companies responsible for dairy drinks have been able to develop a great variety of drinkable products (milk-shakes, yoghurts, dairy juices, milks...).

The improvements in pasteurisation and the development of new techniques and packaging have pushed dairy beverages to be more lasting and easy to drink. At the same time, there have been an expansion on the variety of flavours. As a result, nowadays young people usually drink more dairy products than milk itself.

It is also common to spot dairy drinks with a functional purpose, in which a specific ingredient has been added. That is the case of milk-shakes enrichened with calcium, fiber, phosphorus ...