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Sport Drinks

All those drinks made with the purpose of enriching sport activity or enduring a physical task are considered sport drinks. As a matter of fact, these drinks target is to help us regaining part of our corporal liquid, lost during the exercise. In general, they are composed of water, carbohydrates, electrolytes and proteins.

The growing fame of those drinks in recent times is connected with the increasing interest of our society on sport activity, and all its variants. Nowadays, we may enjoy a great range of different sport beverages, of every type, color and flavor.

We divide sports drink in three groups: isotonic beverages, energetic drinks and hypertonic drinks. Each group has its own features and each one is normally used for different purposes. For instance, carbohydrate-rich beverages must be drunk before and during the pertinent activity. However, the ones with a high protein proportion should be consumed after the sport.